Residential Mortgages

From first time buyers to those looking to mortgage a second property, our expert residential mortgage advice at Crystal Clear is the ideal place to start.

Expert Residential Mortgage Advice


Mortgages can be complicated and confusing – especially when you’re a first-time buyer or haven’t dealt with mortgage services for years. Our goal at Crystal Clear is to make the mortgage process more manageable. It can be easy to pick the wrong mortgage – after all, we know our current financial situation, but who knows where we’ll be in five, ten, or twenty years? Mortgages are paid off over a long period of time and it’s important to plan according to what could happen in the future. You may find that while you’re able to pay a little more every month right now, in five years you might want to pursue different hobbies or take an extra holiday every year, which your mortgage could be getting in the way of. With our expert advice and insight, we help you find a residential mortgage that suits your specific needs and requirements both now and later down the road—no need to pick the first option that comes your way.

Our expertise in mortgages, and our access to whole of the market for lenders, gives you the best chance of finding a mortgage that works for you. We provide the guiding hand to get you through those first steps, and on your way towards purchasing your first home, second property or holiday home. For residential mortgage advice and planning, we’re the top choice for you.

Why Choose Crystal Clear For Residential Mortgage Advice?


We have decades of collective experience in the mortgage industry, which we use to find the best mortgage for your needs. Our friendly, personalised and transparent service goes far above and beyond what you’d expect in a bank or from a direct lender. Our ultimate goal is finding a mortgage that works for you – not one that works for the lender.

If we sound like an excellent fit for your residential mortgage needs, get in touch today to book a meeting. With our expert advice, homeownership could be closer than ever.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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