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With so many different insurance types and hundreds of companies on the market, finding the right insurance for you can be a challenge. Whether you’re seeking insurance as a landlord, you’re considering income protection or life insurance, seeking expert advice is the best way to find the right choice for your needs. With Crystal Clear, we work with you to find a tailored insurance option that perfectly suits your requirements.

Our insurance & protection planning and advice services include:

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, having peace of mind is vitally important for the properties you own. After all, it’s not possible to vet every tenant down to the letter, and sometimes even the best tenant can have a genuine accident in the house, causing damage that needs urgent and expensive call-out fees or repairs. This is where landlord insurance can help you. You’ll be covered in the event that your tenants cause damage to your property, so you’ll be able to rent out your property with peace of mind. While it may be tempting to choose your insurance on face value, our expertise and knowledge of landlord requirements allow us to find an insurance solution that matches your unique needs. For personalised landlord insurance advice, Crystal Clear has the answer.Find Out More

Insurance & Protection

Income Protection

Illness, injury, and other unforeseen circumstances can quickly become a problem when it comes to your income. If you fall ill or have a serious accident, losing your income, as a result, can be very hard to deal with, particularly if it puts a strain on your other family members. With income protection insurance, however, you’re covered when the worst happens. Income protection pays you a comfortable sum every month for a fixed period of time to ensure that, when you cannot work and have lost your income, you can rest easy and focus purely on getting back on your feet again, with your income covered by your protection policy in the meantime. Our professional advice ensures your income protection insurance is the right fit for you and does everything you need it to with no exception. You don’t have to worry about the future with income protection – if you’re in employment, we’ll take a look at your finances and work out the best income protection plan for you.

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Buy-To-Let Mortgages

Are you planning on becoming a landlord? If you’re looking to buy a property to let out, our mortgage advice can ensure you get the best mortgage possible for your needs. You can sit down with us and we’ll discuss your deposit and look at your repayment options to make sure your buy-to-let mortgage is comfortable for you and doesn’t put a strain on your lifestyle. Unlike personal mortgages, there are plenty of other factors to consider regarding buy-to-let mortgages in the UK. We’re the specialists to provide that knowledge and help you find a mortgage that works for you. For straightforward purchasing of buy-to-let properties, we’ll find you the best mortgage rates and repayment plans to ensure that you get the keys to your property, your first tenants through the door, and a regular landlord’s income sooner rather than later!

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Home & Contents Insurance

Our professional advice and insight for your home & contents insurance provide all you need to find an insurance option that works for you. From protecting valuables in the home to ensuring roofing and external structures are covered, we help you find the ideal insurance regardless of your specific needs or requirements. With home and contents insurance, you can leave your home for a weekend trip, a holiday, or even longer periods of time if you’re staying elsewhere, with peace of mind knowing that your valuables and your house itself are covered under your insurance policy.

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Life Insurance

For peace of mind, having life insurance in place is a must. Our expert team works with you to find a life insurance plan suitable for your needs and ensure your loved ones are covered. Our empathetic, personalised approach is what sets us apart from other financial advisors – and we always put your needs first. Dealing with long-term sickness, chronic illness or sudden accidents is not easy, and we can’t predict what might happen in the future with our health. Life insurance will give you some peace of mind in knowing that, no matter what happens, you will have some sense of security with an insurance policy that pays out if you do fall ill, or if worst comes to the worst, your family will have a safety net thanks to your life insurance payout. They won’t have to worry about funeral costs or replacing an income that they had been relying on. Life insurance really eases the burden and worries surrounding illness and loss of life.

Our advisers understand that this is a delicate subject and are trained to discuss this with you sensitively and with great care.

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