Do I Need A Mortgage Advisor? Top 8 Advantages Of Using A Mortgage Broker To

Remortgaging is a common process you may be interested in if you want to reduce your payments, pay your mortgage off faster or fund renovations. If you’re wondering, ‘Do I need a mortgage advisor to remortgage?’, here are eight reasons why the answer is ‘yes’:

1. They Do The Hard Work For You

One of the best reasons to use a mortgage broker remortgage-wise is that they make your life easier. Remortgaging can seem complicated; however, a mortgage broker will do the hard work for you. Our team at Crystal Clear will scour the market to find the best option for you – all you have to do is ask.

2. Saves You Money

A mortgage adviser can save you money by looking at the bigger picture. This means they will take into account the initial interest rate, as well as all the other costs, such as follow-on interest rates and extra fees. What may seem cheap to you could carry expensive hidden costs.

3. A Broker Is On Your Side

A mortgage broker works for you. They aren’t trying to make money for the lender, they’re trying to get the best for you. They’ll give you tailored advice for your circumstances and will fight your case to try and get you the right product.

4. A Mortgage Broker Is Qualified

Mortgage advisors, such as the experts here at Crystal Clear, have to be qualified. That means they know mortgages back to front and they’re regulated to make sure. You can trust that our mortgage brokers know what they’re talking about.

5. You’re Protected

As we said, mortgage advisors are regulated to make sure they give sound advice. They have a duty to treat customers fairly and have to explain why they have recommended a mortgage to you based on your needs. Should it transpire they gave you bad advice and your mortgage isn’t suitable, you can complain and try to get compensation.

6. They Know The Industry

Experienced mortgage advisers know the application process back to front, even for more complicated cases. They know which banks to approach for different situations and how to make the application process run as smoothly as possible. Their expertise takes the guesswork out of remortgaging.

7. It’s Not Just About The Mortgage

A good mortgage advisor won’t just help you get a mortgage, they’ll make sure you can afford to pay it should the worst happen. Brokers at Crystal Clear offer advice on Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and more to protect you and your family.

8. Give You Access To A Wider Range Of Mortgages

Many mortgage products are only available through mortgage brokers. That means you could have access to fewer options if you try to arrange the remortgage yourself.

If you’re now convinced the answer to ‘do I need a mortgage broker to remortgage?’ is a resounding yes, then speak to our mortgage advisor remortgage experts today!

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